What Is A Silent Second Mortgage

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Silent second mortgages are mortgages that are taken out on properties that already carry mortgages. With this particular approach, the holder of the first mortgage is not aware of the existence of this new second mortgage.While legal in many places around the world, this type of arrangement can easily be utilized to structure fraudulent real estate deals.

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A silent second is a type of second mortgage loan that is part of a home sale transaction without the knowledge of the first lender. The "silent" part refers to the seller and buyer not "speaking" to the first financer about a second mortgage loan.

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When silent second mortgages are illegal OK, now a warning. In some cases, the term "silent second mortgage" is used to describe a fraudulent practice you should avoid at all costs, one that might.

There should be few problems selling your home if it has both a first and second mortgage on it. However, home sellers should be aware of the process and any.

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